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自分の参考になるのために日本語についてブログ。 Blog related to the japanese language (and other Japan related things) for my own reference. My own posts (and some POVs and such) [x]
10月 1 '14




10月 1 '14


He does respect his kouhai.
Even more when he pays the bill.

(出典: skeletenzou)

10月 1 '14



Asian male apology game = tight.

laughed so fuckin hard at the fuckin breakdancer

10月 1 '14


On a Cold Day

Pinoko: Good morning, Doc! It sure ish cold today! I’m boiling shome water now. (hands BJ a mug) Here you go.

BJ: Why aren’t you having any? Aren’t you cold?

Pinoko: I didn’t wealize that was all the coffee we had left. I’m gonna go buy some today.

BJ: I could have just given you half of mine.

Pinoko: It’sh fine! I like watching you drink better.

BJ: (blushes) The coffee’s good.

Pinoko: Heehee. (shivering) Shopping… what am I buying again…

BJ: Pinoko. If you want, you could come over here.

Pinoko: Ahhhhh, it’s so warm! Don’t do thish with any other girls ok!

BJ: Of course.


Artist: osioiso

Reposted with permission. Please do not delete the link back to the source/artist.

7月 24 '14
7月 24 '14
7月 23 '14


💧blue blue japan💧

7月 23 '14


Japanese Food Pun stickers are now available in my shop

$6 for set of 7 stickers
Sizes range from 1-2 inches in width
Hand-cut & packed to order
Printed on matte sticker paper

7月 23 '14


7月 23 '14